Neurofeedback in Wesley Chapel

What to Expect from Neurofeedback

Neurofeedback is a safe and non-invasive form of therapy which reduces a number of symptoms such as Inattention/lack of focus, sleep issues/insomnia, memory issues, anxiety, stress, brain fog and more.

In addition to improving peak performance and helping those with somewhat minor issues, neurofeedback has been found to significantly benefit those with serious diagnosed conditions such as ADHD/ADD, Depression, Epilepsy, Substance Abuse/Addiction Recovery.

The Neurofeedback system we use is the NeurOptimal® Advanced Brain Training System developed by the Zengar Institute in Canada. NeurOptimal® is designed to bring balance to clients’ brain waves by providing instantaneous audio feedback whenever erratic brain wave activity is detected. Essentially, the system provides your brain with a mirror so it can see how it is functioning and learn where to change and improve.

NeurOptimal® is exceptionally safe and non-invasive. Because no ‘current’ is infused, we aren’t forcing any changes in your brain or perturbing body chemistry! NeurOptimal® produces no major negative side-effects and can easily be added to any pharmacotherapeutic or counseling regimen.

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What to Expect from Neurofeedback

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