Can You get an Immune Boost With Salt Therapy?

May 06 2020

Can You get an Immune Boost With Salt Therapy?

How Can Salt Therapy Help My Immune System?

Individuals who have immune system deficiencies are continually looking for new and improved ways of bolstering their system’s ability to combat an ever-growing number of threats. However, the majority of supposed immune boost or system enhancements are either too expensive, unproven, or pose a potential danger.  

Enter Salt Therapy.

This treatment modality relaxes the body and mind while enhancing immune system functionality. Here is a closer look at how salt therapy provided in a carefully controlled environment delivers a significant immune boost, ultimately improving your health and happiness. 

Salt Therapy has a History of Success

Did you know that salt therapy has been used for centuries? People in Europe, Russia and beyond relied on natural salt caves to treat:

  • Colds
  • Asthma
  • Sinus infections
  • Bronchitis

Thanks to The Salt Room Wesley Chapel, there is no need to venture out to a cave in the wilderness to inhale salt for an immune boost. Our artificial salt cave is provided to locals in a climate-controlled indoor space. Here, you can read a book or listen to music while receiving an immune boost by way of tiny salt particles. Ask anyone who relies on salt therapy about the treatment’s benefits, and they will testify it improves well-being, promotes relaxation, and, most importantly, boosts the immune system.  

If you question the claims made above, consider the aforementioned fact that miners who labored in salt caves did not come down with the same diseases as their peers who worked in caves and other environments lacking salt. Furthermore, those who spend time in salt mines have reported improvements in their respiratory condition.

Why Salt Therapy is so Beneficial to the Immune System

Though no one is completely certain as to why salt therapy enhances respiratory functionality and the immune system, preliminary research indicates there is merit to this unique treatment modality. The American Lung Association reports the inhalation of salt likely thins out mucus within the airway, facilitating its release, ultimately clearing out breathing passages. It is also possible exposure to salt decreases inflammation, killing microbes within the lungs, dramatically reducing the chances of an infection.

The inhalation of tiny salt particles allows them to attach to airway linings within the human body, pulling water into that airway, ultimately thinning out any mucus, facilitating its loosening and subsequent removal. The end result is less mucus, blocking air passages, promoting clear and unobstructed breathing. 

Even if you do not have an abundance of mucus within your lungs, you can still benefit from salt therapy’s immune boost. This treatment combats the formation of microbes within your lungs and attacks those already in place. Furthermore, salt therapy reduces respiratory inflammation, ultimately helping your immune system function as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Get Your Immune Boost at The Salt Room Wesley Chapel 

If you are worried about your lungs or immune system, do not spend another penny on an unproven or overly-expensive treatment modality. There is affordable and effective treatment available in the form of our salt room. Our salt therapy sessions have helped people struggling with everything from asthma to nagging coughs, allergies, respiratory infections, and beyond.  

Treat yourself to a 45-minute salt therapy session, and you will quickly notice you can breathe much easier. Continue with regular sessions, and you will eventually swear by salt therapy for improved immune system response and respiratory system functionality. Give us a call or schedule your treatment today.

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