History of Salt As a Holistic Treatment

Dec 12 2020

History of Salt As a Holistic Treatment

How Is Salt Therapy Anti-Bacterial?

History of Salt

Salt is the little element who could and did. This salty element is used for a variety of different things, one of its most popular usages is as an antibacterial substance. An antibacterial substance is a type of element that prevents the growth and reproduction of bacteria. Salt was used for centuries before it became an official element on the periodic table in 1807 by a chemist known simply as “Davy”. Hippocrates, who is commonly considered the founding father of modern medicine, was the first record of testing the antibacterial benefits of salt. 

Cleansing Wounds With Salt

People have been reaping the antiseptic and anti-inflammatory benefits that come with sea salt for centuries. You may have heard the old addage, “throwing salt on a wound?” This phrase came to fruition, because that’s what people used to do in order to clean out infected wounds, and scrapes. Although seemingly painful, salt aids the healing process rapidly in order to rid the affected area of infection quicker. 

Oftentimes Holistic Remedies Are The Best Options For Your Body

Naturally made remedies are able to help our bodies seeing as they don’t eliminate all the good bacteria that is produced in our bodies much like prescription medications do. A lot of old-school remedies your grandma made you do may have seemed ridiculous at the time, but often make a lot of sense if you consider the antibacterial property that salt holds. 

How Halotherapy Is An Antibacterial Treatment

Halotherapy treatments use microparticles of medical-grade salt and emit them in the air; so you absorb them through not only your sinuses but your skin as well. These tiny salt particles are as small as 1 micron, or 1/1000 of a millimeter. As the salt is inhaled, it will go work its way through your sinuses, making its way into your respiratory system. Once it makes its way into your respiratory system, it will absorb any toxic moisture, thus cleansing your system and clearing away excessive mucus, ridding your system of harmful bacteria, as well as reducing inflammation. Salt not only has antibacterial properties but antiviral and antifungal as well. Thus giving the salt a variety of cleaning benefits. Salt rooms are very sterile environments and the overall experience is known to open up your airways as well as giving a boost to your immune system.

What’re The Benefits of Halotherapy? 

Halotherapy has been known to have a variety of health benefits. One of the most prominent benefits of halotherapy is the effects it has on your respiratory system. Salt therapy has been known to open up airways, alleviating symptoms that may come with asthma or even seasonal allergies. Salt therapy has also been known to alleviate skin conditions such as acne or psoriasis. A great factor of halotherapy is that it is safe for all ages, and children often don’t even realize they’re receiving treatment! Stop by The Salt Room for your session today! 

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