How Does Salt Therapy Help With Anxiety And Depression?

Sep 30 2019

How Does Salt Therapy Help With Anxiety And Depression?

How Does Salt Therapy Help With Anxiety And Depression?

What is salt therapy?

Salt therapy, also known as Halotherapy, has been a type of medicinal treatment dating back to the twelfth century. Typically salt therapy sessions run about 45 minutes long and make use of salt particles in the air, which are then inhaled giving off the benefits of the medical-grade salt. There are no scary needles, no procedures; just sit back, relax, and breathe.

What are the benefits?

Benefits of a salt therapy session range from mental to physical health. The salt has an anti-inflammatory component which is also extremely absorbent. When inhaled, the salt attracts all pollutants and allergens (which make it harder for you to breathe) and clears them away, giving you fresh, clean airways. Salt therapy sessions are also an excellent skin treatment. Studies have shown that “the micro-particles of salt trigger skin microcirculation and cellular membrane activity enhancing the overall health of the skin.” But what we’re here to focus on today is all of the benefits that salt therapy has on your mental health.

How does salt therapy benefit anxiety and depression?

One of the best things about salt rooms, is they’re like no place you’ve ever seen before. They take you to an entirely new oasis that helps you relax and unwind. Salt rooms are very popular with people who suffer from anxiety and depression. In these short 45 minute sessions, patients have reported improved mood, mental performance, sleep, and lower levels of stress. Salt therapy eliminates unwanted blood cells, increasing brain function and heart productivity; keeping that blood flowing and filtered. The negative ion environment provided by the salt particles can leave you feeling invigorated and refreshed. A session in our salt room is equivalent to being at the beach for a couple of days.
Furthermore, taking just 45 minutes to yourself to focus on clearing your mind and finding yourself can do wonders for the way you look at the rest of your life. Forty-five minutes is nearly 1/24 of your day. You are doing things always for other people all day long, and you don’t even realize it, by the time you’re out of sunlight you have yet to take care of yourself. When this becomes a habit, is when people begin to feel burnt out and get overwhelmed by everyday life. It is so important to be able to carve out 1/24 of your day for you and only you, to recharge and be the best you that you can be. Where else to begin to restore and find the best you, than Halotherapy?

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