Improve Employee Wellness with Salt Therapy

Apr 27 2020

Improve Employee Wellness with Salt Therapy

How Can Salt Therapy Improve Employee Wellness?

Stress levels are very high in the United States, and for some, there are many different stressors. Right now, we are all contending with a worldwide health pandemic, and so stressors combined with health concerns raise the bar. One common factor of stress for an average person is work. We are all concerned with returning to work in this new post-virus crisis. All are wondering how we can and should return, how and if we can keep our employees as well as ourselves safe. What can employers do to improve employee wellness and reduce stress? There are a few things we can control when it comes to regulating stress levels. Hobbies, stress-reducing activities, and improving the quality of life in the workplace are the most recommended way to reduce work-related stress. The incorporation of additional stress-reducing tactics added to the workplace would help the employees feel less-stressed without even trying.

Try Salt Therapy to Reduce Tensions

Implementing salt therapy in places of high stress could improve the mental health of employees and create a happier and healthier environment. Salt therapy can improve employee wellness by giving them space to benefit from salt therapy, whether that is a 45 min. break in the middle of the day or a way to decompress at the end of a shift. The Salt Room Wesley Chapel offers the perfect space in a room with natural lighting, large comfortable chairs, and relaxing spa-like music lightly playing in the background. In our salt rooms, halo-generators disperse crushed salt particles into the air to breathe in and feel the effects.
Salt therapy promotes a healthy body and mind, and although you are inhaling salt therapy, the effects benefit your skin and mind as well. The treatment can help improve asthma, sleep problems, snoring, stress, anxiety, fatigue, sports performance, and cold/flu.
The therapy will make you feel more relaxed and slowly melt away any stress or fatigue. The increased negative ions are also good for the body and can boost your immune system. When you breathe in the therapy, the salt causes the mucus lining in your body to thin, which allows the pathogens and bacteria stuck in the mucus to be expelled, which makes every breath easier and gives your lungs clean and fresh air. Any skin impurities are absorbed from the skin and increase the pH in and promote the protective quality in your skin. However, salt therapy works the best for your body if you have sessions regularly, so your body can get the full benefits.
The Salt Room Wesely Chapel offers salt therapy sessions that could help give your employees stress relief. We provide multiple session types, like adult sessions, children sessions, and family passes. We are also able to help you commit to wellness by offering 6-month wellness plans, so you experience the full benefits from what holistic therapies can offer. The rooms used for salt therapy at Wesely Chapel are covered in salt from the walls to the flooring. This technique is used in salt rooms to give your body the most exposure to negative ions, which gives the best results. Give us a call today, and let us help you put together a plan to improve employee wellness and health with salt therapy.

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