Is Salt Good For Your Upper Respiratory?

May 01 2020

Is Salt Good For Your Upper Respiratory?

How Salt Affects Your Upper Respiratory 

Especially in this day and time, everyone is looking for a means of improving lung health and functionality. From seasonal allergies to the coronavirus and beyond, all sorts of respiratory problems have the potential to spur the formation of an egregious amount of mucus in the lungs, compromising lung health, functionality, and longevity. Researching respiratory health and immune boosters may have led you to salt therapy. Salt therapy, also known as halotherapy, is one of the quickest, easiest, and most affordable ways to improve lung health. Here’s why. 

The Basics of Halotherapy

The word halotherapy has roots in the Greek language as “halos” is a reference to salt. This form of therapy relies on the use of dry, aerosolized diminutive salt particles within an arid space, simulating the environment of a natural salt mine. This unique form of therapeutic treatment stems all the way back to the mid-19th century when a Polish doctor, Feliks Boczowski, discovered his patients who labored in salt mines had few respiratory problems compared to those who worked in other mines and lines of work.

The Careful and Strategic use of Salt Does Wonders for the Lungs

The proper application of fine particles of salt to a controlled indoor space has the potential to improve lung health and functionality considerably. In short, you need the assistance of a halotherapy professional to ensure you get the most out of the salt intended for enhanced lung health/functionality. Heat is removed to eliminate moisture, boosting the therapeutic impact of crushed and ground salt. These micro-particles of salt are then inhaled in a sterilized salt therapy room. 

Everything from the concentration of salt particles to their size after crushing/grinding and the aerosol speed impact the extent of the positive result on your lungs. If the proper therapeutic parameters are not established, properly controlled, and adequately maintained across posterity, you will not obtain the maximum benefit of this highly unique treatment modality. Not all salt therapies are equal (learn more about our state-of-the-art facility).

Let Salt Work Its Magic in Your Upper Respiratory System

Unlike other treatment modalities, there is no need to be subjected to a needle or other invasive procedure. Nor do you have to ingest anything when relying on salt therapy. Rather, all you have to do is simply sit back and relax while breathing deeply. Tiny salt particles in the air move down deep into your lungs, the alveoli, bronchi, and bronchioles.  

Salt therapy brings about the wide range of benefits of hydrophilic, mucokinetic, anti-inflammatory, and bactericide properties. Particularly dry salt is especially absorbent, collecting allergens and pollutants from the respiratory tract and releasing them out of the body. In short, salt essentially replicates the body’s natural respiratory cleansing processes to eliminate foreign particles that have accumulated within the lungs over the years.

Return for salt therapy sessions at regular intervals, and you will really notice a meaningful improvement in your respiratory system. The best part is salt therapy is a completely natural and affordable approach. 

There is no need to pay through the nose for a costly surgery nor take any sort of unnecessary risk with a potentially harmful, unproven treatment modality.  

Schedule Your Session at The Salt Room Wesley Chapel 

A salt therapy session will benefit you in numerous ways. Whether you are battling allergies, an ear infection, cystic fibrosis, coughing, asthma, a sinus infection, or another sickness, there is a good chance our 45-minute salt therapy session will improve your symptoms along with health and well-being.  Contact us today at 813-501-8578 to schedule a Halotherapy session or to ask about your particular respiratory concerns and how we can help.

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