Hi! I’d like to tell you about my fantastic experience at your facility this past Saturday afternoon. Myself and 3 friends had our very first session ever at a salt room and we truly loved it. It was meant to be one of our ladies outings but we had the pleasure of the company of a gentleman named Stewart who shared our room with us. We knew we were supposed to be quiet and contemplative while in the salt room session but as a group, we tend to be very talkative and jovial. Stewart was such a good sport and joked along with us for the entire length of our session! We had such a great time and several of us really benefited, health wise, from the salt room experience. Your staff, in particular Danielle Howard were excellent and very helpful and accommodating. I am disabled and she and the rest of the staff made sure I was comfortable and able to experience it in the same way as my able-bodied friends. Danielle even arranged for a special chair to put into the room that was higher than your zero gravity chairs, so I could easily get up from it when the session was over. Both Danielle and another staff member (regrettably, I cannot recall her name) assisted me with the putting on and the removal of the booties. I cannot say enough good things about my experience there, to be honest. I was treated so kindly and caringly. I also felt really good while I was in the session! Overall, I would HIGHLY recommend your facility. And lastly, I think Danielle Howard is a great asset to your company. You’re lucky to have her.
Susan K. 


I can’t even explain how much I love the Salt Room Wesley Chapel! My life has changed for the better in so many ways since I’ve started coming here. I first heard about the Salt Room from a friend that, after weeks of asking me to go with her, finally dragged me in. I have bad asthma and allergies, so I was pretty skeptical that it would help me. I also believe anything I can do naturally, instead of medicine and chemicals, is a good thing. My first Salt session was in early January. Everyone at work was getting sick with the flu and sinus infections, so I thought I’d give it a shot. I never took any medication, but bought a monthly membership to the Salt Room. I was the ONLY person at work to not get sick. Could’ve been coincidence, but I gave it the benefit of the doubt. Fast forward a month, I found out I was pregnant!!! My husband and I had been trying to get pregnant for almost a year and, miraculously, two weeks after starting at the Salt Room, we conceived. Let me also say, I have hypothyroidism, which puts you at a higher risk of miscarriage and makes it more difficult to get pregnant in the first place. My thyroid levels were still out of whack when I found out I was pregnant, however, four months later, my levels are perfect for the FIRST TIME since I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism. I’m now 6 1/2 months pregnant, thyroid levels are still perfect, still haven’t taken any form of antibiotics, and still haven’t even gotten a cold. I’m using my inhaler a lot less and allergy medication is basically a thing of the past for me. I also have eczema on my hands and haven’t had to use any medication for that either. On top of all those wonderful things the Salt Room has done for me, it’s such a relaxing experience! Danielle and her team are some of the nicest people I’ve ever met, and they’re always so welcoming and helpful. Thank you so much for opening this gem, and thank you for changing my life for the better!
Monica C.

This weekend was the true test for The Salt Room! I spent all weekend outside working in my yard under 3 birch trees, of which I am highly allergic. I did a session Saturday morning and I feel great. Without the salt room I would be miserable and heavily medicated today. If you have allergies that affect your daily routine, you need to do some sessions at The Salt Room!

Cindy T.

Kathy Wipperfurth has had a terrible head cold all week. Her normal cold meds weren’t helping at all. Today she went in for a 45min treatment @the salt room and she was very excited to report that her sinuses cleared! She said she is feeling SO much better!

Kristi K.

Acupuncture for Sam went extremely well but the highlight of our afternoon was, hands down, The Salt Room!! Something so simple but I cannot believe how incredibly healing this was for the boys!! A 45 minute session helped Sam, Cale, my Mom and I breathe much easier. Cale was so congested before we entered, Sam’s eyes were red and bloodshot, he couldn’t stop sneezing. ALL of that was gone following our one family treatment. Very cool! We will be back!!! I haven’t seen Sam this well in weeks. His energy is through the roof and my Mom and I could not stop laughing at his abundance of energy and sense of humor on the way home.

Melanie M.

So my 11 year old son has spent the last four days with a migraine. Vomiting, light sensitivity, nausea, missing school, etc. Gave the salt room a try tonight….my son is reporting GREAT results. Migraine has significantly improved. He actually ate dinner AND has kept it down! My other son and I joined him in the session as well. We are feeling great! Highly recommend! Best part….each session can accommodate up to six people per session…so grab your whole family or plan the next “Girl’s night out” chat time at the Salt Room.

Kimberly K. B.

Went for a short run this afternoon, my exercised induced asthma seemed much better. My lungs felt weird after my session, I could breathe!

Cindy T.

My daughter Laila has inherited asthma and being a holistic wellness practitioner know how many great things nature provides us that restores and supports our bodies and salt therapy is one of those amazing natural remedies that works for my asthmatic daughter without those harmful drugs that have terrible side effects.

Esty B.

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