Relieving Arthritis Pain with Salt Therapy

Feb 12 2020

Relieving Arthritis Pain with Salt Therapy

Best Ways to Reduce Arthritis Pain Holistically

Arthritis pain can be overwhelming if you have no plan to relieve pain. There are pharmaceutical ways to relieve the pain, but the natural ways to relieve pain are also effective. One effective way to relieve arthritis and joint pain is to try salt therapy to reduce inflammation in your joints, which is what causes the pain and providing calcium to strengthen your bones. There are other benefits to salt therapy, which also promote mind and body health. The salt used in salt therapy is all-natural and completely organic. There are also no side effects to using salt therapies, unlike the many side effects that come along with prescription medications.

Salt therapy reduces inflammation by penetrating deeper into the cells of your body. The negative ions and properties that are produced are inhaled through the nose or soaked up by your skin. The negative ions and the particles travel to the molecular level of the bone in the joint of the inflamed area to dehydrate the cells that cause the inflammation. They get right to the source to actually reduce the inflammation that causes the pain, rather than cover it up by prescription medications. Regular salt therapies can improve the pain and swelling of the affected areas, and will increase with more consistent therapy sessions.

Not only do the negative ions and properties decrease arthritis pain and inflammation, but they also deposit more calcium in our bones at the same time. Salt therapy benefits you on two fronts when dealing with arthritis pain, and the pros outweigh the cons. Rather than prescription medications, salt therapy can help relieve pain as well as protect and nourish your bones.

Salt therapy sessions are simple and can last as long as you’d like. As already stated, there are no negative or dangerous side effects so using salt therapy is safe and healthy. When taking prescription medication, there is always the risk of side effects, and these medications don’t provide any other benefits. Along with reducing inflammation, salt therapy can provide more to keep you healthy like skin cleansing, stress-reducing, increased sport’s performance, cleansing and strengthening of the immune system and airways, and finally helps improve your sleep. Salt therapy also aids in pain and inflammation with rheumatoid arthritis, asthma, COPD, and other respiratory diseases with its natural properties.

Salt Room Wesely Chapel provides a calm and clean space to have salt therapy for inflammatory diseases or just a peaceful and quiet session. To elevate the effectiveness of salt therapy, you could also include turmeric and curcumin to relieve pain and inflammation in between sessions. Turmeric benefits, which contains curcumin, include reducing inflammation and can also offer pain relief. The Salt Room Wesley Chapel provides a few different services: adult sessions, children sessions, family sessions, and packages including a 6-month wellness ritual. Our salt therapy rooms are covered in salt from the floors to the walls. Call today to enquire or book your session.

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