Salt Therapy for Inflammation

Jun 17 2020

Salt Therapy for Inflammation

Treating Ailments with Salt Therapy –

Inflammation can be the culprit for a variety of issues throughout your body. While inflammation can be something you can observe on the outside of your body with relative ease (such as your arm swelling after getting hit, your toe getting red after stubbing it, or even your eyes becoming puffy after crying), some people may fail to realize that inflammation can also be something that occurs within your body. Internal inflammation can affect your joints, muscles, and veins. Even your air passages can become inflamed from time to time; asthma is a perfect example of your airways dealing with inflammation. In the case of asthma, airways become inflamed, often triggered by an irritant, which causes them to constrict and impede airflow. Pay attention to these five signs: heat generated by the affected area, pain or sensitivity, visible redness to an irritated area, swelling (internal or external), and loss of bodily function (like how breathing is affected by asthma); these signs will help against the fight of inflammation effectively, you have to know what is causing it.

What exactly is inflammation?

Inflammation is your body’s process of white blood cells fighting bacteria and viruses. Some types of autoimmune disorders can cause your body to send out white blood cells even when there’s no actual immediate threat to cellular processes; the body mistakenly confuses its own self as a threat and attempts to neutralize what the body has deemed as a foreign invader. Inflammation caused by asthma or allergies can often be soothed by salt. It’s a tremendous antibacterial, anti-inflammatory substance. The inflammation is reduced due to the salt naturally attacking the bronchial swelling.

Salt Therapy for inflammation

Salt therapy has been proven to help those suffering from asthma or allergies. It’s as straightforward as having patients just sit inside a salt room and breathe in the particles. Patients who recorded going a few times a week reported positive results in their breathing patterns within only a few treatments. It’s essential to be consistent with your visits to the salt room to benefit entirely from the salt’s lasting anti-inflammatory benefits. Make visiting salt rooms a habit to take control of your health. At Salt Room Wesley Chapel, we can aid you in your goals to restore and control your health.

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