Salt Yoga and Wellness

Apr 18 2020

Salt Yoga and Wellness

What is Salt Yoga, and What Are the Benefits

There are tremendous health benefits to practicing yoga, from muscle strength and tone to increased flexibility and improved respiration, energy, and vitality. The many benefits of salt therapy include increased lung capacity, healthier skin, and improved overall wellness, to name a few. So what happens when you combine the two? Close your eyes and imagine doing your yoga poses seaside, with the spray of the ocean and salty smell in the air. Even imagining it gives you an overall sense of calm, doesn’t it? Well, imagine bringing the seaside indoors with all the health benefits and none of the messy sand.

Salty Yoga Class

Attending a salt yoga class gives you the benefits of doing yoga and salt therapy combined. With the improved breathing benefits delivered through salt therapy, it takes yoga to another level of wellness. Due to the negative ions in salt, your body can perform at its peak. The quality of air from the salt is anti-viral, antibacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-inflammatory, detoxifying the lungs and sinuses. When you are breathing in the cleanest air, you not only allow yourself to feel your best while exercising but also in performance. Salt yoga heals your body during physical exercise to make you feel fantastic.

Why Salt Therapy?

The reason why salt makes the air cleaner to breathe is actually a response by your own body. The air infused with salt and negative ions will make the mucous lining of your nasal pathways, which allows for dirt, debris, and pathogens to be exhaled out. Yoga encourages deep breathing, which, in turn, promotes stress relief. Now, combine that with the properties of halotherapy, and your lungs and circulatory system are receiving the full benefits that microparticles of salt deliver.

As well as clean air, salt yoga will ensure that your body is going at its peak performance, for example, by reducing the inflammation in your respiratory system. This creates a large and clear pathway for air to travel so the air can more easily oxygenate your blood. The more blood that is pumping through your body at a quicker rate, the better your body’s performance. Doing yoga in a salt room also removes any bacteria in the lining of the nasal cavities and lungs that would lead to congestions, which makes it much harder to exercise. The benefits of the salt can also push your body to the limit when posing, allowing for the best flexibility and clear breathing while doing it.

Salty Yoga Near Me

Yoga provides a holistic and healthy modality to stay fit, oxygenate and, nourish the body while relaxing as a whole. Although salt yoga may seem strange to some, there is no better place to relax and feel zen than a salt room. The salt and negative ions are working hard to open up your diaphragm and respiratory system to make each pose easier, signaling your nervous system to relax. Salt Room Wesely Chapel offers yoga sessions in our salt rooms where you can practice yoga while our halogenerators pump pharmaceutical grade salt crushed into tiny particles into the air. They provide you with a calm and quiet space to absorb the salt and negative ions to elevate your usual yoga experience and overall performance. Join us for a session and see for yourself.

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