Clinical Herbalist

Clinical Herbalist at The Salt Room Wesley Chapel

A clinical herbalist works one on one with clients in an office setting and advises them on the use of herbs in a more complex way that is specifically chosen for that individual’s needs. Using modern science mixed with traditional and folk uses of herbs, they approach the body from a holistic perspective. Clinical herbalists are often additionally formulators, educators/teachers and researchers in their field. Working with people is where they thrive and are able to give back to their community through their experience and knowledge of herbalism.

Current availability:

Mondays: 8:00a-12:00p
Thursdays: 8:00a-6:00p
Saturdays: 4:30p-6:30p
Sundays: 8:00a-4:00p By appointment only.

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Herbal Consultation Package $250


  • One 90 minute initial consultation where we discuss your complete health history, current issues, health & life goals and a tongue reading. Complimentary herbal tea provided.
  • Two, 45 minute follow up consultations (follow ups are typically scheduled 2 weeks after each other) *After the completion of each consultation, I will develop a custom herbal protocol to follow along with holistic lifestyle, food, body care and supplement recommendations Follow Up Consultations $50
  • 45 minutes

Available as needed Herbal Products:

  • Flower & Leaf Tea Blends: $10/oz
  • Roots & Barks Tea Blends: $12/oz
  • Tinctures: $12/oz
  • Tonics: $12/oz
  • Salves: $10/oz
  • Syrups: 8oz $25, 16oz $45