Dr. Stephen Dell-Jones


Stephen Dell-Jones is a Nationally board certified Doctor of Oriental medicine and licensed Acupuncturist. Stephen always considered health and nutrition important since he was a young teen. This led him to study and earn bachelor’s degrees in both Human Nutrition and Exercise Physiology at the University of Florida.  Going deeper into the world of wellness, Steve completed a 5 year program in Chinese Medicine at East West College of Natural Medicine in Sarasota.  This included over a thousand hours of supervised clinical training, which Steve completed in student clinic and in a Health South Rehabilitation hospital, where he helped patients with severe issues such as fractures and stroke recovery.  During his time in acupuncture school, Steve also took additional training in acu point injection therapy from a Chinese trained Anesthesiologist and Acupuncturist.  Today, in the Tampa area,  Dr. Steve uses Old Chinese Family Style acupuncture, acu point injection therapy, cupping therapy, Traditional Chinese herbal medicine, and nutrition to address a wide variety of health issues.  Both ancient and modern wisdom combine to create effective strategies, the goals of which are to not only address the presenting issue, but also improve a patients’ long term health.  Most health concerns can be addressed with one or several methods we use.

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