What Can Salt Therapy Do For Me?

Feb 02 2021

What Can Salt Therapy Do For Me?

Top Questions Asked About Halotherapy

1. What is Halotherapy?:

Halotherapy -otherwise known as salt therapy- is a naturalistic treatment for respiratory issues. Medical grade salt particles are aerosolized into the chamber which is then inhaled through the mouth or nasal passages. Some particles may even be absorbed into the skin. Halotherapy has been used to treat a number of respiratory and skin conditions, by simply breathing.

2. How Does It Work?:

Breathing in the salty ocean air or the salt vapors found in our salt chamber, molecules find their way into your lungs, where they then break down and release the negative ions that may have been building up. The negative ions stimulate the passages of your airways, clearing out the mucus build-up while simultaneously boosting your immune system’s response to the pathogens. It is believed that when negative ions reach your bloodstream, they produce a biochemical reaction that is found to increase serotonin levels. Also, the airborne salt particles react with the skin when
coming in contact, resolving a variety of skin conditions.

3. What Is To Be Expected During My First Session?:

During your session, you will be seated in our relaxing salt chamber, in a zero gravity chair for maximum relaxation. Our chambers give off a soft inviting glow from the pink Himalayan rocks that line our walls. The lights will dim lower for the utmost relaxing experience, and the temperature is
adjustable for each client’s needs, to ensure the chambers are not too hot, cold, or humid!

4. What Respiratory Conditions Does Halotherapy Treat?:

Halotherapy is known to help alleviate and control symptoms that come with conditions such as allergies, asthma, bronchitis, cystic fibrosis, emphysema, ongoing colds, hay fever, sinusitis, and other types of upper respiratory disorders. Halotherapy can also help symptoms that come
with many years of smoking. Salt therapy is a great option for anyone who relies on their lungs for performance, professions such as athletes or even singers. Halotherapy is a recommended adjunct to your existing treatment program and not a complete replacement. It is also considered to be helpful for pregnant women, smaller children, and others who may not tolerate other types of treatment or medication as well.

5. What Types Of Skin Conditions Does Halotherapy Treat?:

Halotherapy is considered to be a great treatment for mild chronic acne, dermatitis, eczema, and psoriasis. Treatment is as simple as sitting in the chamber and letting the salt particles absorb into your skin.

6. Is Salt Therapy Safe?:

Halotherapy is a natural treatment and is considered to be very safe. There have been no found side effects of salt therapy. If you ever feel a slight
scratch or tickle in your throat after a session, this is completely normal and this is the body’s way of clearing out toxins.

7. Who Shouldn’t Use Halotherapy?:

Anyone who is or has been coughing up blood. Those who are at risk of coughing up blood should also avoid Halotherapy. Others who should avoid salt therapy are those who have acute or serious diseases of other organs and children under the age of 12 months.

For more information please give us a call, our staff are well-trained to answer your questions regarding whether or not Salt Therapy is right for you!

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